Mission Statement

Mission of the Pediatric Infectious Disease Program for Immunocompromised Hosts (PIDPIC)

  • To support the infectious diseases activities of:
  • All the solid organ (heart, kidney, liver, lung) transplant teams
  • Teams caring for immunocompromised patients, such as:
    • Patients with cancer.
    • Patients with autoimmune diseases (e.g. lupus, inflammatory bowel disease).
  • To initiate scholarly work on infectious disease issues in the immunocompromised patient with a resulting goal of improving patient care and accelerating scientific knowledge.

Hayley Gans, M.D: Assistant Professor
Sharon F. Chen, M.D: Instructor

Members of PIDPIC

  • Co-Directors – Hayley Gans, Sharon F. Chen
  • Representative from each solid organ transplant team
  • Representatives from other teams caring for immunocompromised patients.
  • Faculty and fellows of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Division
  • Administrator

Activities of PIDPIC

  • Lead quarterly meeting for all Members to disseminate new information and provide updates (e.g. influenza) on infectious disease topics relevant to the immunocompromised patient.
  • Create evidence-based guidelines
    • Viral prophylaxis and treatment
    • Other prophylaxis and treatment regimens
    • Vaccine policies
    • Infectious disease exposure policies
    • Infectious disease pre-transplant screening policies
  • Serve as clinical resource for patient-specific issues.
  • Support IPC on immunocompromised patient issues (e.g. isolation policy, diagnostic testing).
  • Attend transplant, oncology, rheumatology, and gastroenterology team meetings to assist with ID specific questions, disseminate information and collaborate on projects, as needed.
  • Collaborate on scholarly activities.